Focus groups

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Specially equipped room with video calling for focus groups and interviews in Kiev allows us to carry out any qualitative research. Also we have the opportunity to conduct focus groups equipped focus group rooms in Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov and other cities. Comfortable rooms are available for client semitransparent mirrors, enabling to observe the course of the focus groups or interviews without interfering with study participants.
Also, everything that happens in the room for the fox-groups can be broadcasted on-line anywhere in the world using the Focus Vision network.
Focus group is a group interview conducted by the moderator in the form of a group discussion according to a predetermined script with a small group of "typical" representatives of the studied population, similar in basic social characteristics.
We use a wide range of methods. Including projective technique game association. Client full translation and an edited video of the most interesting and informative moments of group discussions can be provided. Within 7 working days after the group you are already receiving top-line report in English, Russian or Ukrainian. All qualitative research can be conducted in Kyiv and elsewhere in Ukraine.
Method of focus groups (focus group interview method, the focusing method or the group) is to poll 8 - 12 respondents at a certain time interval (from 1 to 2.5 hours), under the control of a moderator. A survey carried out in a special focus - a room equipped with a video camera and sound recording devices, as well as client soundproof room in which the customer can observe the focus group through a one-way glass (mirror Gesell).

The main tasks to be solved with the help of this method:

  • Identify the relationship of actual and potential consumers to the product / service and brand loyalty
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of a product / service
  • Identification of consumer behavior when purchasing structures
  • Identifying the underlying motivation for the consumption of the product / service
  • Determination of the value system of consumers
  • Identify and describe the main types of consumers
  • Evaluation of the concept of an existing product / service
  • Determining the price for a product / service
  • Testing
  • Testing and packaging development
  • Testing and development of advertising strategy
  • Identify the most preferred information channels