Quantitative research

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Quantitative research

UMP conducting national and regional studies. We provide a full range of services including sample design, development of questionnaires, the processing of the results and their analysis. The company uses the most advanced methods of data analysis, recent advances in statistical modeling. On order data is provided in ASCII format and / or SPSS.

  • Personal interview
  • Telephone interviews
  • Mail surveys
  • Hall-tests
  • Mystery Shopping ( "Mystery shopper") - allows for an assessment of the firm, to analyze the various aspects of its operation through the eyes of a real consumer. The main objectives of the study - to assess the terms of trade, service quality through purchases made by qualified person (an employee of the research company) under the guise of ordinary consumer according to a predetermined script.
  • Store cheking - provides data on the structure of trade offer on the market; the prevalence and popularity of brands; The price range for the brand and the brand performance stability; differences between wholesale and retail prices, the trading strategies of competitors, indirectly, to assess market share and sales of specific manufacturers, etc. This method allows you to cover all types of retail outlets that sell the Customer's products, from specialty stores to open markets.
  • Home-test - method is best used when positioning a new product, check the perception of its consumer properties, identify the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with similar products of competitors. Testing of a product takes place in conventional real world, the home of the respondent.
  • Usage and Attitudes (U & A) - is used when selecting target markets, the search for competitive advantage, deriving new or repositioning existing brands, as well as information to identify market opportunities, descriptions and segmenting markets, identifying new opportunities for existing products and promising areas for new products.