Periodic studies

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Periodic studies

Retail Audit is a study that is based on the regular collection of information on sales, prices and distribution on a representative Panel of outlets.
The panel is built using statistical methods of calculation with random and quota selection of outlets based on Sensus data on the number and structure of the Universe of the studied trading channel.
The data collected in the Panel is extrapolated to Universe to represent the overall situation in the channel and the market as a whole.
UMP has extensive experience in conducting Retail Audits, as well as checking the availability and prices of goods (P&D check). We have conducted research on the following market categories:

  • - Bakery products and flour in all outlets of the city of Kiev (supermarkets, kiosks, mini-bakeries, etc.).
  • - Printed editions
  • - Baby food
  • - Sausages
  • - Soft drinks
  • - Low alcohol drinks
  • - Alcoholic drinks (Vodka, Cognac, Whiskey)
  • - Cigarettes